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Blog: Thursday, April 20th, 2017

Breaking Up is Hard to Do

By Kayla Stuckart, Manager of Communications

A few years ago, we launched a flashy new visual identity and made massive strides in developing consistent communications for our parents and students. When you benchmark our district among many of our counterparts in BC, and across Canada, you really notice that we are doing something different with the way we communicate to our audiences. The “look and feel” of the Abbotsford School District is bold, current and consistent, and in the communications world this is what dreams are made of!

However, one thing I have also noticed since joining the district is how the #34 follows us where ever we go… websites, our emails, in public, in print, etc. It is my understanding that we were given this number from the Ministry of Education many moons ago, but there is absolutely no ministerial requirement for us to use it as our public facing brand. Many districts in BC have dropped the number in their brand and now is the time for us to really follow suit.

If you are wondering what our public facing brand is, then I have a lot of work to do! But, as a reminder it is the “Abbotsford School District” or “Abbotsford SD”. You might be saying “….and why is this important?” Well, simply put - we are more than just a number! And on an national and international stage, our brand is diluted by the #34 that often tags along behind.

I don’t know about you, but I’m ready to drop the #34.

Over the coming months, you will notice some exciting changes to our external and internal communications:

  • New social hashtag - #AbbySchools
  • New
  • New website
  • Rebranded and simplified staff portal
  • Simplified visual toolkit

Many of the technical changes will happen behind the scenes and Communications/IT support will be present to help you mitigate any issues you might encounter. The new and improved staff portal is set to roll out over the summer months and will be live for September 2017.

I hope you embrace these new changes with enthusiasm, as we say so long to the #34! If you have any comments/questions about the process, send me an email

Manager, Communications

Kayla Stuckart

By Kayla Stuckart, Manager of Communications