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Romeo & Juliet - a Dance

Abbotsford School of Integrated Arts proudly presents...   R & J - a dance and modern music adaptation of Shakespeare's Romeo & Juliet

Thursday April 25 - 11am and 7pm       Friday April 26  - 11am and 7pm

Tickets:  $10  available onine:  eventbrite

suitable for all ages - running time approximately 2 hours

Two households, the Montague and Capulet families, have hated each other for generations. This long-standing feud has poisoned Verona and much blood has been shed. Lady Capulet and Lady Montague hold bitter grudges for each other and continue to fuel this ongoing feud, both financially and through subversive acts of violence; now, the younger generation perpetuates the animosity and violence that plagues the streets and skateparks. The Prince of Verona is frustrated and has threatened both sides with banishment or imprisonment if they do not cease this ongoing turf war. If only there were some way to unite these families and end this never-ending feud!

Lady Capulet’s daughter Juliet is ready to be married. Her mother has carefully selected a suitor to maximize her household’s advantage over the Montagues. Paris is a rich man, with many business connections. Not since before her husband’s mysterious and untimely death, no doubt a sinister plot by the Montague thugs, have things been looking so promising for the Capulet family. A great party has been organized with no expenses spared. All in Verona are invited, except for the Montagues of course. Juliet will be married, and the Capulet’s will finally seize full control of their rightful, preeminent position in the city!

But, when Lady Montague’s youngest son, the heartbroken Romeo, decides to crash the party with his disguised mates, things take an unexpected turn. When Romeo sees Juliet, and she sees him, time, like a skateboard hanging gently in a display window, is frozen. The fate of both families, of two star-crossed lovers, and the entire city hangs in the balance. Could young love between sworn enemies heal ancient wounds? Does it even stand a chance?


Location: Abbotsford Arts Centre