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Shaun Majumder

                          Rock.It Boy Entertainment is very happy to bring to Abbotsford - 

That feller you may have seen on TV...... SHAUN MAJUMDER    with special guest - comedian  HOLLYWOOD HARV!

Wednesday, June 13 at the Abbotsford Arts Centre in Abbotsford

Tickets are $50.00 (plus Facility Fee and Service Charges) from the Box Office

Charge by phone at 1-855-985-5000 or online at



Shaun Majumder is a premiere entertainer and top-shelf comedian. The Gemini Award winning actor, host and comedian may be best recognized as the co-host of CBC's 'This Hour Has 22 MInutes'. Shaun's television credits include a starring role in the Fox comedy 'Unhitched', and has also appeared in 'Detroit1-8-7', 'Republic of Doyle', '24', 'Hatching, Matching & Dispatching', 'Robson Arms', 'The Firm', 'Cedric the Entertainer Presents', and ' Da Kink in My Hair'. Film credits include "Harold and Kumar Go to White Castle', 'Bob Funk', 'The Ladies Man', 'Pushing Tin', 'PUrpose' and 'Unhitched'.

For more about Shaun Majumber please visit:

Harvir Puni, better known as HOLLYWOOD HARV, is a local funny-man who employs racial profiling with a completely positive spin to bring to life the differences we all share in a hilarious and uplifting way. Always aware of his good fortune, HOLLYWOOD HARV states, "My material, a lot of it is based on day-to-day observations".


Location: Abbotsford Arts Centre