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by Joanna McClelland Glass


A Gallery 7 Theatre Production

Fri Jan 28th  7:30  Sat Jan 29th  2:00 & 7:30  Tues Feb 1st – Fri Feb 4th  7:30  Sat Feb 5th  2:00 & 7:30


The year is 1968. Sarah Schor, a young Canadian woman from Saskatchewan, takes on the role of secretary to Judge Francis Biddle, a one-time US Attorney General and Chief Judge of the American Military Tribunal at Nuremberg, in what he believes to be the final year of his life. The feisty judge soon meets his match in the equally feisty twenty-something as they navigate working together in rapidly changing times.

A poignant, often humorous drama based on the playwright’s real-life experience, the play explores timely themes of aging and trying to understand one another in the midst of generational uniqueness and changing perspectives.

Exquisitely literate, moving and compelling.
- Variety

Comic and touching.
- New York Times

Trying is a portrait of generational reconciliation. It is enormously bracing theatre.
- New York Daily News

Trying is a beautifully written, delicate and engaging two-hander.
- Globe & Mail



Section A:    Adults  $30  Seniors $28  Students $28  Child $12

Section B:    Adults  $25  Seniors  $22  Students  $22  Child $12

Location: Abbotsford Arts Centre