The Abbotsford Arts Centre Theatre is a proscenium stage boasting black maple hardwood. Wenger riser platforms are available; along with standard tables, chairs, skirting, music stands and a piano: Yamaha C-7 Grand. The theatre is equipped with a 20 foot scissor lift and pretty good wing space. It offers a complete counter weight fly system with 45 foot fly tower; cyclorama on aluminum sub fame; and full lighting and sound systems consistent with other professional theatres which support great productions nation-wide. 

Here are the basic facts to get you started on imagining your production in our theatre:

Stage Type: Apron
Stage Width: 38 ft / 11.1 m
Stage Depth: 41 ft / 12.6 m
Stage Height: 18ft / 5.5 m
Thrust / Apron Width: 38 ft / 11.7 m
Thrust / Apron Depth: 12 ft / 3.7 m
Wing – Stage Left: 24 ft / 7.4 m
Wing – Stage Right: 20 ft / 6.2 m
Sprung Floor: No
Acoustic Shell: No
Orchestra Pit: Yes
House Focus: 12 general; 3 colour top; 2 colour tip/break-up multi- colour side fill; footlight wash 
Other: Intelligent light package, fogger hazer, strobe and snow machine.  
Electrical: 96 x 2.4kw, 102 x 1.2kw dimmers
Stage Power: 1 50 amp (stove plug), 1 x 200 amp (direct connect)
Sound: From basic to full concert sound. Meyer UPQ system hung in a LCR configuration. Digico SD9  Console